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esteem was founded in 1996 to answer a market need for high quality, affordable fashion jewellery.

Our jewellery is designed exclusively in New Zealand to ensure that we achieve the highest of standards. We use only the best components from around the world and complete the manufacturing process in New Zealand to achieve the look we need for the styles we want.

Meticulous care goes into manufacturing our jewellery. Each piece has a solid brass core to give weight and strength, and is plated with 22-carat gold or 99% pure silver. Brass is nickel-free, lead-free and anti-allergenic. Freshly polished brass has a similar appearance to gold, but this colour becomes dull with exposure to the elements – this is why gold plating is applied. Our gold range also has an additional protective coating for added durability. Our stones are luxurious Austrian Swarovski crystals or high grade cubic zirconias.

We are proud to offer a lifetime manufacturing guarantee with each piece of jewellery, and our customer guarantees are proudly in alignment with the Direct Selling Association Code of Practice. The protection to our customers under this code far exceeds the minimum requirements as determined by law in both New Zealand and Australia.